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Department of Innovation Management

Our department is a part of the Innovative Technologies Faculty of TUSUR University's Institute for Innovations. The department’s chair is Professor Alexander Uvarov, vice rector for innovation and international development of TUSUR University.


Our graduates are required to complete a broad and well-balanced program that will prepare them for the careers they hope to pursue. Our students receive interdisciplinary training in system analysis, management, marketing, innovative dynamics, econometrics, and engineering sciences.  

The department's graduate and undergraduate programs prepare students for R&D work in universities and research institions, and for their careers in high-tech business.

 The department offers bachelor, master, and PhD degree programs.

Educational Programs


Bachelor of Engineering Degrees

Master of Engineering Degrees

Ph.D. Degrees

  • Innovation and Investment Management

Unique Opportunities 

After the program's second year, our students participate in a group-learning project. The students immediately apply their knowledge to solving important real-world problems while working on a team, not only attending lectures or participating in seminars. Teams of 3-5 students are encouraged to work on the group projects, which are the implementation and realization of new ideas, with a device, technology, or service as final products. The best projects are chosen to present their products to the investors in Silicon Valley, California (USA).

Our students have an opportunity to enroll and take distance learning courses at Empire State College, studentsUniversity of New York

The department offers a variety of well-equipped research and education labs with advanced computer facilities, modern equipment and instrumentation. For example, the robotics and artificial intelligence lab engages our students in R&D activities to build a variety of robots and model their behavioral strategies.

The highest priority of our department is the success of our students! We encourage intense interaction distance between students, professors and department management, and there is an open door policy for our students to get advice or to ask for help at any time. Our department’s goal is to prepare and assist our students to become successful. We provide assistance in the development of students’ innovative projects and heavily invest in their personal development.

Innovation and Startups

inno2The key element of our educational programs is a special form of education called group project learning. The group project learning is an essential part of our curriculum, which engages students in all stages of development: from an idea to a prototype and to a final product or service. Individual study plans are a mix of both core and specialized disciplines required by the group projects.

Successful student projects become residents of our student business incubator, the first student business incubator in Russia established in 2004. The incubator, its staff, and facilities in collaboration with the university faculty and local hi-tech businesses assist students in launching their own small businesses.

The incubator specializes in IT and radio technologies. The Tomsk IT sector has many firms founded by TUSUR University’s graduates, and their total profits represent about 80% of the IT market share in the Tomsk region. The incubator has more than 30 offices and 200 workstations equipped with personal computers and the necessary lab equipment.

Our department highly regards the "Triple Helix Model", the model of trilateral collaboration. 

Triple Helix Model

thaThe Triple Helix theory was developed in the beginning of XXI century by Henry Etzkowitz, a professor of the University of Newcastle, and Loet Leydesdorff, a professor of the University of Amsterdam. The Triple Helix symbolizes a trilateral collaboration between government, business and the university, the key ingredients of national innovation systems.

TUSUR University has been active in establishing successful collaboration networks between universities, businesses and the government in Russia. It has organized a research and innovation complex called UNIK, which is a cluster of TUSUR University’s high-tech companies, research institutes, research and development labs, and student startups. In 2009, annual investments into the UNIK and to the student incubator’s startups by businesses amounted to $3 million and $433K, respectively. The university maintains an extensive collaboration with industry. Over the last 6 years, it has increased its R&D funding by 19 times.